Specialist Certification

 for Coaches

Being certified in your role is win win for you and those you support either through coaching, peer support or both.

Being part of evidenced based certified community helps you build your impact and opens up opportunities.


The IRWCC certifications aim to build your 

 Confidence,  Professionalism  

 Ethical Practice and Excellence  

in specialized areas of coaching and peer community.

In 2023 we offer international certification in Recovery and Wellness Coaching and in 2024 are developing the first ever independent certifications in Sustainability & Ecology Coaching, CBT Coaching and Meaning Centred Coaching


Internationally Certified

Recovery & Wellness Coach

Human health and wellbeing is crucial for coaching success. If our clients and community are in need of recovery then a recognized recovery to wellness coach is an invaluable asset.

Whether you work in the health service, in a corporation, a not for profit or volunteer in your local community being an internationally certified coach can make all the difference. The events of 2020 / 2021 have shown us all that health is the number one priority from which everything else in life flows. We believe that well trained and certified coaches who can work across the recovery to wellness continuum in behavioural health are crucial.


  Internationally Certified 

  Recovery Worker 

Certification is coming soon!

The Peer movement is a powerful and important shift towards all of getting more ownership of our wellbeing and recovery in our own hands.

The health care industry and some enlightened countries recognise that peers are a vital and valuable source of care and recovery support across many behavioural and mental health domains. In short we offer the world class credentials that support a professional peer worker movement so that they can claim their rightful place in community and health services.


Continuing Professional

Development (CPD)

To maintain your certifications you need to renew it either every year or every two years depending on what kind you have.

We will be bring you the best CPD experiences from a world class qualified team. All of our CPD products are recognised by the IRWCC for the purposes of renewing your certification.

Many of these CPD programmes come with multiple credits towards certification renewal covering other professional bodies such as the Association for Coaching, the ICF, EMCC. 

  What are the Benefits

  of Certification?

Certification provides recognition of competency and a marketable credential that will enhance the role of the professional

Certified practitioners are provided with the opportunity for peer networking, in addition to involvement and impact through IRWCCB sponsored education opportunities

Certification assures competent, professional services while continuously improving the quality of service being provided to people and communities

Certification provides a strong basis for employment hiring and professional advancement.

Certification provides the certified practitioner freedom to move to other countries and / or regions within the IRWCCB regions

If you would like more information about becoming an IRWCCB credentialled practitioner please CONTACT US